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My categories weren't displaying right but something seems wrong with calling.. '$cats = trim($cats, ", ");'

One should not make a habit of trimming cats.

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Posted by: Maz on 17-Mar-2015 12:50:00am in categories: holiday

I've been a bit slack about updating my website with all this travelling around so here are some placeholder koalas as I work on it:

Koala, Cute, Fuzzy, Australia, Lone Pine

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Posted by: Maz on 22-Feb-2015 10:03:37pm in categories: projects

I made a pair of these as a gift for someone. They are fully programmable with a button to get them to stay in a mode (otherwise the various patterns cycle repeatedly).
Slow 2 colour pulse:

Fast 2 colour blink:

Solid 2 colours:

Single Colour pulse:

Rainbow fade (one colour):

Rainbow fade (two colours):

and what happens when you just throw one of them up in the air..

Arduino, Gemma, Trinket, Neopixel, Firewtirling, Poi

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Posted by: Maz on 09-Dec-2014 01:30:36pm in categories: projects

I'm building a new XBMC media center. More details to follow my fancy case.

media center, xbmc

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Posted by: Maz on 03-Nov-2014 11:17:37pm in categories: projects

Apparently I had finished this project but had never installed it. Now that I've installed it and it works well, I thought it would be nice to share.
Download UPSMonitor.zip
Make sure you have .NET v4 installed.

What it does:
Using the built-in system diagnostics library, it monitors the AC state and battery level and on state change it runs plugins. Initially I have configured it to wait until the battery is discharging and the level is less than 50%, then it sends a shutdown command to a network pc. Also it logs an event to the eventviewer when AC power is lost or restored.
I also have a plugin that talks to Hyper-V and shuts down, suspends, starts virtual machines (not included).
This works with a laptop very easily, or with my CyberPower UPS plugged in with USB (But I had to use the default windows driver and not install their software).

Installation instructions:
- Extract the zip file and run "install.bat".
- Edit the configuration file (I have provided 2 sample plugins and basic usage for them).
- Go to the services administration tool and start "UPS Monitor"

Uninstallation instructions:
- Stop the service.
- Run "uninstall.bat"
- Delete the folder.

For developers:
If you want to write your own plugins, I'm using MEF and the interface you need to implement is in the Common.dll. Just make your own class library, add a reference to the Common.dll and implement the IPowerMonitorPlugin interface. If anyone is after the code for the whole project, just send me a message somehow. I'm not sure how yet either but you'll work something out.

C#, UPS monitor, MEF, .Net, Programming

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Posted by: Maz on 26-Aug-2014 02:02:30pm in categories: photography

Just for an added challenge, night time photos with my phone.


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